At Turoz we seek to create spaces and concepts that are exciting, intelligent and cost-effective. Our core services include interior architecture, architecture, design branding, visual identity and graphic design. We have a unique culture of creative and contemporary design with a focus on commercial viability

Design Process in Turoz Studio
1) Concept design for interior space: we present the unique conceptual approach for the space using our creative touch and based on your needs and requirements. 2) Realistic 3d images: we present realistic 3d images to show the colors, elements and materials used, so you can see the final look and feel of the space before it gets built. 3) Furniture selection: we select the furniture that harmonizes perfectly with interior space, to give the space its perfect fit. 4) Schematic design and plans: we translate the concept into multiple schematic plans and layout, presenting in 3d modeling to that you can choose you’re between. 5) Construction drawings and blueprints: we provide the detailed blueprints, electro-mechanical drawings, specifications and quantities for the project. 6) Landscape design: we design the landscape to form an outstanding experience that blends the interior, architecture and the exterior spaces together.


Amman, Rawnaq Ahmad Nassar complex No.1 3rd Floor
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